Cancer. Not exactly a go-to topic for comedies these days, actually it's never been much of a gut-buster for that matter, but that's exactly what's got us so interested in '50/50.'

Directed by Jonathan Levine ('The Wackness') and written by Will Reiser, '50/50' is about a guy who finds out he has cancer is given a 50% chance of beating it by his doctors. Rather than let it turn his life into one big pity party, the guy and his best friend decide to embrace the illness and make the most out of a bad situation.

There hasn't been a whole lot to report on the movie thus far since it won't be hitting theaters until September 30, but after recently getting our hands on the first trailer a couple months ago, we now have our first look at the poster, and we're that much more excited to see the finished product.

So hit the jump to see the poster in full along with the trailer in case you missed it.
50/50 Movie Poster
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