It's premiere day in Los Angeles for 'Snow Flower and the Secret Fan,' a film adaptation of Lisa See's acclaimed novel set in 19th-century China about two female BFF's. (The Chinese had a different word for it.)

Our cousins at HuffPost Women have been teasing out the film's themes of female friendship in recent days and months, and today's installment features CNN anchor Suzanne Malveaux and her twin sister, Suzette. (Imagine how many times their mother mixed up her daughters' names.) In an exclusive video, the Malveaux sisters describe their unique emotional connection, their policy of constructive competition, and the TV jingle that helped them resolve their differences:
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Movie Poster
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
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Parallel stories tell of two 19th-century Chinese women -- bound together for eternity -- and their descendants... Read More