Director Adam Shankmantweeted the first picture of Catherine Zeta-Jones as her 'Rock of Ages' conservative, music-hating character this morning and damn if she doesn't look a lot like Tea Partier Michele Bachmann, pearls, pastel suit and all.

"Look at my Catherine Zeta-Jones! It's so good to have you back in a musical! So brilliant!" Shankman said about snagging the 'Chicago' Oscar winner for the role.

Her character is the wife of the mayor, played by 'Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, a part written just for the film.

"The character was invented to streamline the stories," Shankman told The Hollywood Reporter in April. "She is this hardcore, moral majority, arch-conservative who wants to shut down rock 'n' roll in the great city of Los Angeles."

See the full photo after the jump.

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