While audiences are busy freaking out this weekend over the finale of the 'Harry Potter' saga, there's another children's book series that's also arriving on the big screen: 'Winnie the Pooh.' Pooh, Tigger and the cast of animals that inhabit the Hundred Acre Wood go on another series of adventures with Christopher Robin, in new adaptations of the original A.A. Milne classics.

For their latest animated feature, Disney added a contemporary spin to their classic approach -- and one of the unique elements involved with the new 'Winnie the Pooh' is the music of Zooey Deschanel. The actress best known for movies like 'Elf' and '(500) Days of Summer' splits her time between Hollywood and working with singer/songwriter M. Ward in the indie folk group, 'She & Him.'

Moviefone spoke with Deschanel about joining the pantheon of classic Disney soundtracks, the new sounds she brings to kids' movies and the legacy of her shower duet with Will Ferrell.
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A man (Will Ferrell) leaves Santa's workshop to search for his family. Read More

December 9, 2016
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Winnie The Pooh
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Pooh (Jim Cummings) and his friends believe that Christopher Robin has been abducted. Read More