On July 18, 1986, Sigourney Weaver returned to her most iconic character -- the sci-fi action heroine Ellen Ripley -- for James Cameron's'Aliens.' The film, a sequel to Ridley Scott's 1979 'Alien,' amped-up the outer-space horror with fully-loaded action; the end result was a box-office smash of over 100 million dollars and unanimous critical praise, particularly for the film's leading lady.

In between her breakout performance in the first 'Alien' and the 1986 release, Weaver had grown into one of the Hollywood's biggest stars, but 'Aliens' pushed her into the pop culture stratosphere. Her portrayal of Ripley not only created a memorable big-screen hero, but it also broke down gender barriers in the film world and netted her an Oscar nomination (making her one of the few actresses to be honored for both an action-driven role and a sci-fi-based story).

Sigourney Weaver sat down for an exclusive interview with Moviefone, reflecting on the 25-year legacy of 'Aliens.' While discussing her ongoing creative relationship with James Cameron and her memories of the demanding film shoot, Weaver also revealed that she wants to continue the 'Alien' saga with one final Ripley story -- something she views as highly unlikely, given Hollywood's apparent lack of enthusiasm for building sci-fi tentpoles around women of a certain age.
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April 26, 2018
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