For anyone who's played either of the 'Uncharted' games that have come out for PlayStation 3 over the past several years, then you already know two things: Those games are as awesome as they come, and David O. Russell is not the right choice to bring them to the big screen.

In a nutshell, Russell was put in charge of writing and directing the adaptation for 'Uncharted: Drake's Fortune,' which would have been fine, only he'd never played the games, he wrote a script with complete disregard for the source material, and for some reason gave the lead role to Mark Wahlberg even though Mark Wahlberg couldn't have been a worse choice. For all us gamers who have spent our lives hoping and praying for a video game adaptation that doesn't suck to high heavens, this did not sit well at all.

But now that Russell's no longer attached, it looks like replacement writer/director Neil Burger may actually do this thing justice. While sitting down with We Got This Covered to talk about his last movie, 'Limitless,' Burger went ahead and dished out the goods on how 'Uncharted' is coming along:
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