The craziness that is San Diego Comic-Con will descend upon us in just a few short hours, when a fleet of hardcore fans flock to the west coast for dazzling trailer premieres, celebrity geek-outs and Spider-Men of every shape and size.

While the convention has been in existence since 1970, the hype surrounding SDCC has grown into a monstrous beast over the last decade, thanks to the increasing presence of movies. Each year, Hollywood debuts its most anticipated films to legions of pop culture junkies, and subsequently whips them into even bigger frenzies. What started out as a gathering for comic collecting hobbyists has snowballed into a four-and-a-half day celebration of insanity.

Since this is the last moment we'll have to catch our breath all week, Moviefone braces itself by looking back at the absolute, craziest movie moments of Comic-Con history.