That awesome 'The Pirates! Band of Misfits' trailer? It looks even better in 3D. Aardman's Peter Lord was at Comic-Con to introduce some new footage, including a peek on the Aardman stop-motion set where humans roam through like King Kong.
He even brought along two of the film's stars, although they didn't say much -- that's because they were stop-motion maquettes, like the Pirate Captain voiced by Hugh Grant. "If they weren't here today, they would be in the U.K. working. Bad puppets," Lord said. (I know they're working models, but there better be Pirate Captain toys come next Christmas!)

This is Grant's first animated film, by the way, and Lord (who co-directed the flick) boasts, "Hugh Grant was quite a catch." His "luxuriantly bearded" Captain is quite keen to win the Pirate of the Year award, even though his band is terrible at pirating. He would inevitably lose to Black Bellamy, who's voiced by Jeremy Piven. "Jeremy would come on and improv. Half of his part, he kind of made up on the spot," Lord said.
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