Guillermo del Toro is really moving full-steam ahead on his sci-fi monster orgy 'Pacific Rim,' and the monster-meister was at a Legendary Pictures panel at Comic-Con on Friday to prove the point.

Though del Toro, who was joined on stage by 'Pacific Rim' stars Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam and Charlie Day, didn't elaborate much on the film's story line, he did show off the title treatment and uniform logo and said the film "will try and figure out how humanity reacts when giant creatures emerge from out of nowhere and start wrecking havoc" and that it would involve "giant f-----g robots versus giant f-----g monsters."

Here's what we do know about the movie:
This project will give the 'Hellboy' filmmaker the opportunity to create two worlds. The first is an alternate version of Earth in the near future, decades after a historic date in November 2012 when the first kaiju, a towering Godzilla-like beast, emerged from a hole in the Pacific Ocean and attacked the city of Osaka, Japan. The second is "The Anteverse," another universe on the other side of that gaping portal, five miles below our ocean's surface. Since the first attack, the rim has been "spitting out" a variety of gigantic monsters at an increasing rate, which then stride out of the ocean and begin destroying sea-bordering cities, like Tokyo and Los Angeles. In order to combat these monstrous, otherworldly menaces, the military developed the "Jaeger" program, which trains teams of two pilots to jointly operate massive, building-sized mechanized suits of armor and high-tech weaponry.
Hence: "giant f-----g robots versus giant f-----g monsters."

Sound exciting? Hellboy yes! But we'll have to wait awhile: 'Pacific Rim' won't hit movie theaters until July 12, 2013.

Check out the logo treatment after the jump.
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