"This is my first Comic-Con and this is the coolest moment of my life," announced Andrew Garfield as he kicked off the 'Amazing Spider-Man' panel by pretending to be a fan in a cheap Spidey suit. That predictable (but sweet) stunt just proved what he said in his heartfelt speech about being a fan just like anyone else, and how "Spider-Man saved my life."

"That was the coolest thing ever," he enthused about the stunt before joining Emma Stone, director Marc Webb and producer Avi Arid on stage after the 'Spider-Man' trailer played in 3D.

Spidey scaling walls in 3D looked pretty, well, amazing, even if the Spidey POV makes us feel like we're playing 'The Amazing Spider-Man' video game instead of watching a movie.

We also got to see some "really raw" footage, since production just wrapped two weeks ago. Among the scenes shown: Peter getting sweet revenge on a school bully, asking Gwen Stacy out in the most tongue-tied conversation ever, and him trying out his new web shooters on a hapless criminal, as well as more clips with Martin Sheen and Sally Field as much younger versions of Uncle Ben and Aunt May than Tobey Maguire had.

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