Filming hasn't begun yet on 'Snow White and the Huntsman,' but Charlize Theron is already getting into character as the Evil Queen: "I'm ready for it, b---h. Let's go," she challenged Kristen Stewart, who will be playing Snow White.

Stewart, riffing on her reputation as someone who never smiles, advised her cast mates, "Be careful because I take myself incredibly seriously." Theron couldn't resist one-upping her by reminding everyone, "Well, I'm an Oscar winner. I'm very method. I'll be calling you Snow White all the time."

While the cast was in a joking mood, this production of Snow White is going to be much darker than anything we've seen from Disney or from Relativity's rival Snow White project, with its girly-looking, begowned princess (Lily Collins).

In this one, Stewart tells us she's a prisoner who becomes a sword-wielding heroine. Producer Joe Roth summed up the differences between the rival projects: "Ours is on the scale of 'The Lord of the Rings.' Theirs looks... softer." Theron, who won that Oscar for playing murderer Aileen Wournos, says that her character is "dark. She's a serial killer."
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