Does Stephen Dorff have comic book cred? If starring as the villain in one of the first (and still best)of the recent wave of comic-book adapatations, 'Blade,' counts, then definitely yes.

Thirteen years later, Dorff's Deacon Frost remains one of the coolest, baddest vamps out there (sorry, Team Edward). So if you Twihards see him at Comic-Con this year, a little respect, please.

That's right, Dorff is making his first Comic-Con appearance this year, supporting two movies that couldn't be more different: the action epic 'Immortals,' which he calls "'300' meets 'Gladiator,'" and 'Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star,' a comedy about a guy who thinks he's destined to be a porn star, featuring Dorff as "the king of the porn universe."

Below, check out Dorff's thoughts on topics ranging from a pre-'Twilight' Kristen Stewart, to why fans still love 'Blade' so much, to working on porn with Adam Sandler ...
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