The UndefeatedDoes it matter that, in its second weekend in theaters, the Sarah Palin documentary 'The Undefeated' slumped nearly two-thirds in sales, despite increasing its theater count by 40 percent? Or that it's earned just $101,000 in theaters to date? Apparently not, as distributor Arc Entertainment has announced that pay-per-view and DVD deals are already in place. According to The Wrap, some cable viewers will be able to stream the movie on Sept. 1 (less than seven weeks after its July 15 theatrical debut), while the film will be available on DVD on Oct. 4, less than three months after its big-screen premiere.

Critics of the film (who had complained about its aesthetic merits as a documentary, not just about its unapologetically one-sided portrait of the polarizing politician) will be able to point to the movie's box office numbers as if to say, "We told you so," while supporters of the movie (and of Palin) will point to its more successful opening weekend and the new ancillary deals as evidence that America is clamoring to see this positive portrayal of Palin. In other words, both sides of the aisle will be able to claim victory while Arc quietly pockets the cash from deals that likely were in place well before this weekend's box office debacle. Everybody wins.
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The Undefeated
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