We love cowboy movies -- almost as much as we love alien movies. And wouldn't you know it? 'Cowboys and Aliens' opens on Friday. It's like they made this movie just for us. Let's hope the Harrison Ford / Daniel Craig / Olivia Wilde flick kicks off a new craze in Hollywood: the Movie Genre vs. Movie Genre movie, which will, of course, become its own genre. Got it?

We've got a couple ideas to help continue this trend, and we thought we'd ask you guys for your thoughts on what the ultimate genre-vs.-genre battle would be ... and what would win.

To do that, we've arranged a tournament in which you will vote to determine which genre advances to the next round. We'll narrow down the field every day this week, and on Friday, we'll have our championship fight, with the top two contenders for King (or Queen) of the Movie Genres.

We've split the contestants into two teams: the One-Worders, and the Genres That Take a Bit More Than That to Explain-ers (or GTTBMTTE-ers, for short). Take a look, and then vote for which genre you think is better. (And be sure to check back in tomorrow for Round 2.)

Here are your first-round matchups:
Cowboys & Aliens Movie Poster
Cowboys & Aliens
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Bearing a mysterious metal shackle on his wrist, an amnesiac gunslinger (Daniel Craig) wanders into a... Read More