Jason Reitman's new film, 'Young Adult,' which reunites Reitman with 'Juno' screenwriter Diablo Cody, and stars Charlize Theron, Patrick Wilson and Patton Oswalt, will get a limited release on Dec. 9, followed by a nationwide debut on Dec. 16. The Paramount picture follows a young-adult author (Theron) who returns to her hometown in the hopes of reclaiming her happy youth -- and her now-married high school sweetheart (Wilson). But her plan doesn't go so well, and she soon forms an unusual bond with another former classmate (Oswalt). [The Hollywood Reporter]

Meanwhile, Reitman's dad, Ivan, and the Montecito Picture Co., have purchased a spec script from writer Chris Baldi called 'Rockabye Baby.' The comedy -- which is billed as being akin to John Hughes' 1989 'Uncle Buck,' is about an ill-equipped man thrust into taking care of children. Baldi wrote 'What Would Kenny Do?' which stars Aston Kutcher and Justin Bieber in the story of a teenager who encounters the holographic adult version himself; the hologram then leads the teen through high school. [THR]
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