We've just closed the polls on Round 1 of the Movie Genre vs. Movie Genre Tournament, and the One-Worders simply dominated the Genres That Take a Bit More Than That to Explain (or GTTBMTTE-ers), racking up 7 wins to just 1 loss. Guess you guys are into the whole brevity thing, huh. Well, now things start to get really interesting as we'll have three One-Worder vs. One-Worder battles, so it's time to pick your poison.

The biggest win in Round 1 went to the Superheroes genre, which defeated Nicholas Sparks Book Adaptations 93%-7%. Yikes. Thought we had a few more 'Notebook' fans around here.

The closest contest was between Zombies and Underdog Sports Teams and, just like in the movies, the Zombies started out with a commanding lead only to see the plucky Underdogs pull out a stunning last-second, razor-thin triumph -- 50.2% to 49.8% -- giving the GTTBMTTE-ers their lone victory.

It's on to Round 2. Below are your new matchups. Take a moment to vote, and be sure to check back in tomorrow for the Final Four.
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