We are down to the Final Four.

Round 2 seemed to reveal the two 800-pound gorillas in this fight: Superheroes and Pirates, who absolutely stomped their second-round opponents, Slashers and Monkeys.

Sadly, it appears the Underdog Sports Teams genre was not able to translate movie magic to real life, as it fell in a landslide to the Mobsters. No last-minute heroics this time. No aging Jake Taylor to deliver the division-winning pseudo-bunt. No Jimmy Chitwood and his killer crossover move to win the state title. Oh well.

Our last semifinalist, Robots, vanquished Vampires in our closest Round 2 matchup. This was somewhat surprising, as the 'Twilight'-led forces appeared quite fearsome in demolishing Plucky Street Dance Teams in Round 1, but in the end it appears you guys are quite fond of Johnny 5 and his cohorts.

All right, that's enough with the wrap-up already. On to Round 3 ... (And be sure to check back in tomorrow for the Finals!)
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