Haven't heard about 'Trespass,' starring Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman as a couple defending their home against a ruthless gang of home invaders? That's probably because as yet, there's no trailer and the film is barely going to be in theaters before debuting on DVD.

The film, directed by Joel Schumacher, had a very quiet distribution pick-up by Millennium Entertainment last month.

Now the first poster (with the tagline "When terror is at your doorstep, you can run or you can fight!") has been released with a theatrical opening date of October 14. In much smaller type, as decoded by VideoETA, is an "at home" date of November 1, the same date Amazon lists for the DVD and Blu-ray release.

'Trespass' isn't listed on Millennium's website and the only "clip" we could find online was this animated Spanish preview. However, here are some images from the thriller which, apparently, no one cares if you see in the theater.

[via Movieline]
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