The votes came rolling in all weekend in the final battle of Moviefone's Movie Genre vs. Movie Genre tournament, and we have a winner. But before we announce our champion, we'd like to quickly look back at how we got here.

Round 1 featured a slew of dominant performances, as Mobsters, Pirates, Monkeys, Superheroes, Robots, Slashers and Vampires coasted to victory over (respectively) Family-Friendly Talking Animals, 1940s Film Noir Detectives, Manic Pixie Dream Girls, Nicholas Sparks Book Adaptations, 19th-Century European Costume Dramas, Men in Fat Suits and Plucky Street Dance Teams. The lone nail-biter saw Underdog Sports Teams pull off a last-second upset of Zombies.

In Round 2, Robots, Mobsters, Superheroes and Pirates took down Underdog Sports Teams, Vampires, Slashers and Monkeys, with Superheroes and Pirates winning decisively.

The semifinals pitted Pirates against Robots, and Superheroes against Mobsters. Superheroes continued its streak of annihilation, while Robots took down Pirates in surprisingly easy fashion, setting up our final confrontation.

In the battle between Robots and Superheroes, only one could survive. And the winner is ...
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