Danish director Lars von Trier, who incited international outrage with his thoughtless comments earlier this year that he "admires Hitler," is at the center of a new controversy, one surrounding Norway mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik.

It turns out that Breivik was a big fan of Von Trier's film 'Dogville,' and may have used it as an inspiration for his killing spree that took 69 lives. The end of 'Dogville,' in which the citizens of a small town who have oppressed and abused Nicole Kidman are all gunned down at her command, bears striking similarities to Brevik's shooting rampage.

Von Trier now says that he regrets making the film, which was intended as a critique of American society.

In the Danish newspaper Politikien, Von Trier is quoted as saying. "If it was an inspiration, I'm sorry that I made it. I feel badly about thinking that 'Dogville,' which in my eyes is one of my most successful films, should have been a kind of script for him," Von Trier said. "It's horrific."
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