Sure, 'Bridesmaids' may have made $165 million at the box office (which is good enough to make it the No. 1 female-driven R-rated comedy of all time), but actress Elizabeth Banks was close to beating them to the punch -- sort of.

The star of the upcoming comedy 'Our Idiot Brother' recently sat down with NYMag, and discussed the female-centric, wedding-related flick she tried writing eight years ago, called 'What About Barb?' which included its own bathroom scene:

[It was] about a bride whose crazy relative Barb is forced upon her as her maid of honor. There was a scatalogical scene in the ladies' room in the script, but "the studio exces were like, 'People don't want to see girls doing that.' And I was like, 'I'm writing from experience! You go to a club and you have to wait in a huge line, so people double up. And, yes, you think you're only going to take a little pee, but sometimes some poops come out. " It never got made. Says Banks "We never got the pooping scene as right as they got it in 'Bridesmaids.'"
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