While Harrison Ford was busy fighting an interplanetary battle against extraterrestrials this weekend in 'Cowboys & Aliens,' he found himself also embroiled in an interspecies struggle at the box office. With his flick just barely edging out the surprising 'Smurfs,' Ford was in no mood for jokes. In fact, on 'Conan' last night, when Ford was presented with a representative of the tiny, blue-skinned, peace-loving creatures who just want to avoid being eaten by Gargamel, the Hollywood megastar reacted, well, undiplomatically.

It also didn't help that his wife, Calista Flockhart, apparently took their 10-year-old son to see both 'Cowboys & Aliens,' which they saw for free, and 'The Smurfs' ... which they paid for.

Grrrr! Indy mad! Here's the clip:
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