Pre-release buzz on the apocalyptic indie 'Bellflower' has either centered on its being made for the staggeringly small sum of $17,000 or its awesome, fire-breathing "Medusa" car.

Evan Glodell not only wrote, directed and stars in the film, he also built the cameras that give it its unique, grungy aesthetic, as well as the Medusa car, which is where most of that $17,000 went. That's right: most of the movie's budget didn't even go toward the film itself, but to making a badass car inspired by Mad Max's own post-apocalyptic ride. The film's cinematographer, Joel Hodge was sporting a fresh cast at the premiere. "The car tried to kill me," he joked of cutting himself on broken glass from the Medusa car. His medical bills, no surprise, cost more than 'Bellflower's puny $17,000 budget.

Moviefone caught up with Glodell before the film's release and at the LA premiere, where he talked about the film's DIY aesthetic and where the Medusa car is now.
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