Another body-swapping comedy? Sweeeet! That's right, Hollywood paid attention to all the dough those 'Freaky Friday' flicks brought in, and is hoping a bro swap will prove to be just as magical at the box office as the classic mother-daughter switch.

This week's release, 'The Change-Up,' stars Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds as a settled daddy and a wild young bachelor, respectively, who wake up one morning to discover they've switched bodies. Uh oh! Hilarious antics are sure to ensue!

Olivia Wilde and Leslie Mann round out the cast as the hot co-worker and wifey. Hmm, Mann must really like the whole stuck-in-another-body concept. Remember her from '17 Again'? Y'know, the one where Matthew Perry wakes up in his younger body? And we're supposed to believe that Perry was as pretty as Zac Efron at some point? Yeah, that one.

My point is that body-swapping comedies are clearly quite viable at the box office. Sure, we'll have to wait until the end of the weekend to see what 'The Change-Up' pulls in, but I suspect it'll be pretty healthy. After all, the tried-and-true premise is amusing and it delivers an important 'grass is always greener' message.
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The Change-Up
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