How do you say "Speed" in German?

A new racing thriller, formerly set on the American interstate I-95, now gets Teutonic with a transplant to Germany's famed, no-speed-limit Autobahn.

'Ghost Rider' writer/director Mark Steven Johnson will direct the 'Taken'-esque flick.

The hero's dilemma: He's an ex-Formula One driver who wakes to find himself trapped inside a BMW on the side of the Autobahn. He answers a phone and is told he has 90 minutes to deliver the car to its destination or his wife and daughter will be killed. Oh, and the car is rigged to explode. Happy driving!

Is it too much to hope for Jason Statham, star of high-velocity driving flicks 'The Transporter,' 'Death Race' and 'Crank,' to star? And is there a role in there for Jürgen Prochnow or Thomas Kretschmann?
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