Summer must be drawing to an early close -- or at least the fall is starting early. Buzz is jumping for the Toronto International Film Festival, which runs Sept. 8-18; all eyes are on fourth quarter releases; and one studio is beginning to plan for Oscar, 2012. To help things along, we'll even give you a peek at some trailers for upcoming films -- after the jump.

Two films that are being screened at TIFF released teaser trailers Wednesday -- and both are frightening in their own way. One is Nick Broomfield's not-so-flattering portrait of Sarah Palin in the documentary 'Sarah Palin -- You Betcha.' The clip here has Broomfield himself rudely interrupting a Palin rally -- right after Palin comments about the death panels that were supposed to be part of President Obama's health care program (Palin helped spread the lie about the panels, which supposedly would decide whether some seniors should live or die).

Next is a sizzle teaser for the Canadian post-apocalyptic thriller 'The Day,' which stars Dominic Monaghan, Shannyn Sossamon, Ashley Bell and Shawn Ashmore and is directed by Douglas Aarniokoski. The plot: "In a post-apocalyptic future, an open war against humanity rages. Five survivors wander along rural back-roads, lost, starving and on the run. With dwindling food stocks and ammunition, an attempt at seeking shelter turns into a battleground where they must fight or die."