We don't know about you guys, but whether it's zombies or nukes or little green men, we're pretty darn certain that the apocalypse is coming one day, and when it does, we know exactly what we're gonna do. So when we first heard about 'Bellflower' a few months back and that it revolved around two guys who not only know what they're gonna do but are so freaking prepared that they're practically counting down the minutes until the doomsday clock strikes 12, we didn't even have to see the flaming Buick to realize that this was a movie after our own hearts.

Now that it's finally hit theaters in New York and LA, go ahead and check out our full rundown on whether this bad boy was dead on arrival or made Lord Humungus proud.
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Hoping that a global apocalypse is on the horizon, best friends (Evan Glodell, Tyler Dawson) spend all... Read More