'Magic Trip,'
the new documentary about Ken Kesey and his psychedelic impact on the 1960s, hits theaters today in New York City, Berkeley and San Fransisco (before rolling out to more theaters across the country over the next three months). However, the theatrical release is not the first time the movie is being shown. 'Magic Trip' has been available at the fingertips of viewers since its On Demand release on July 1st. It represents a growing trend of movies being released On Demand prior to their theatrical releases.

Now you don't have to live in Los Angeles or New York to see smaller, limited release films. There's a bevvy of off-beat indie selections that you can currently watch from the comfort of your home or enjoy on the big screen. But which ones are better suited for your couch, and which ones need a night out at theater? Moviefone breaks down all the summer movies available on On Demand.
Red State
Based on 9 critics

An unhinged preacher and his flock summarily execute homosexuals and lusty teenagers. Read More

The Shrine
Not Yet Rated2010
In Theaters on July 15th, 2011

The search for a missing teen in Poland leads a rookie reporter to an encounter with a deadly cult. Read More

Not Yet Rated2011
Based on 10 critics

A man tries to protect a bank teller after two groups rob her bank at the same time. Read More

Burke and Hare
Based on 10 critics

Two 19th-century opportunists find a lucrative business providing cadavers to an anatomist. Read More