I was really rooting for 'Cowboys & Aliens.' I have no financial investment in the film and, frankly, I didn't even think it was that great (though I did seem to enjoy it more than most). If I'm honest, I guess I was ultimately rooting for Harrison Ford -- an actor for whom I and many of my fellow children born in the '70s feel an unnatural bond.

Ford was my first introduction to what it means to be a Movie Star. I could turn on the television for free and watch Erik Estrada on 'CHiPs,' but to see Ford I had to persuade my parents to drive me somewhere and pony up some hard-earned cash. Even at a young age, I knew the difference: It was special treat to see Ford as Han Solo or Indiana Jones on the big screen and, by God, I'd better appreciate the small amount of time I'm getting with him. Now that 'Cowboys & Aliens,' in just its second week of release, has already been labeled a flop -- Ford has had a lot of those in recent years -- I'm faced with a stark reality: Harrison Ford is no longer a Movie Star. And he hasn't been for a while. I'm not sure whether it says more about me or about him that it took me this long to come to that conclusion, but it makes me sad either way.
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