Remember when we got those pictures a couple days ago of Anne Hathaway's stunt double cruising around on the Batpod? Well as cool as they are, apparently she's a crap driver.

As seen in recent off-screen footage, the stunt double drives the Batpod down the steps of a building in Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University, makes it to the bottom in one piece, then careens right into an IMAX camera, sending it flying out of the hands of a nearby cameraman before it shatters on the ground. Word on the street is that the high-end IMAX cameras can run you upwards of $500,000, and being that this is 'The Dark Knight Rises' we're talking about, something tells us she just cost Warner Bros. half-a-million dollars. Lucky for her, they've still got $249.5 million to work with, but nevertheless, that is no way to drive a Batpod.

So go ahead and check out the video of the stunt double's wild ride.

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