After several days of rioting in the streets of London, resulting in mass looting and rampant destruction with no end in sight, the chaos has made its way to the film community in devastating form. Last night, an uncontrollable fire was started at the Pias/Sony distribution centers in Enfield, London, burning the 20,000-square-foot warehouse and completely destroying its stock of over 120,000 DVDs.

As evidenced by the Twitter account of Peccadillo Pictures, which lost upwards of 60,000 discs in the fire, the impact may very well put the independent distributors out of business. No word yet on the monetary damage caused by the fires, but the various distributors who had been storing their DVDs in the warehouses will be delaying their schedules for future releases.

Head on over to The Guardian for more details, and check out the video below for the news footage of the fires in action:
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