It's a less-than-stellar week on the home video front, with several unspectacular major theatrical releases -- revolving around slackers -- coming to roost on DVD. Leading the way, so to speak, is 'Paul,' a road trip about a slacker, runaway alien -- named Paul -- who joins up with two oddball Brits in a mad effort to rendezvous with a rescue space ship so he can go home. Next up is 'Your Highness,' a medieval tale about a pair of princes -- one a do-gooder who slays dragons and rescues damsels in distress, the other a ne'er-do-well who smokes "wizard's weed" -- and their quest to save a woman kidnapped by an evil wizard. The best bets this week are the Blu-ray debuts, so read on.
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Two British sci-fi nerds (Simon Pegg, Nick Frost) help an alien return to his spaceship. Read More

Your Highness
Based on 33 critics

A slacker prince has to join his braver brother on a quest to rescue the brother's fiancee. Read More

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