You know what was missing from 'Adventures in Babysitting?' An R-rating, Jonah Hill, and that kid who played Max in 'Where the Wild Things Are.' Well, everybody, now that we've got our hands on the first trailer for 'The Sitter,' it looks like our prayers have finally bean answered!

So go ahead and check out the first trailer along with the rest of the noteworthy previews we've stumbled across this past week.
The Sitter Movie Poster
The Sitter
Based on 29 critics

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The Darkest Hour Movie Poster
The Darkest Hour
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Like Crazy Movie Poster
Like Crazy
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While attending college in Los Angeles, Jacob (Anton Yelchin), an American, and Anna (Felicity Jones),... Read More

Twixt Movie Poster
Based on 6 critics

Haunted by a ghost, a writer becomes immersed in a murder mystery. Read More

Shaolin Movie Poster
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After a shocking betrayal by his sworn brother, a general (Andy Lau) takes refuge at a Shaolin temple... Read More