After getting our first look at Henry Cavill wrecking a bank as Superman earlier this week, we now have our first look at Kevin Costner in full Jonathan Kent garb on the set of 'Man of Steel.' It's been a good long while since Costner found himself a big-budget role in between all the time he spends trying to clean up oil spills, and even though he's had his highs and lows on the acting front over the years, we miss the days when we couldn't escape from Costner, so we're glad to have him back.

'Man of Steel' won't be hitting theaters until June 14, 2013, so it looks like we've got a long road of waiting and teasing ahead of us, but thanks to photographer Frank Laraia and the wonders of Facebook, you can go right ahead and check out a tragically lo-res shot of Costner and Cavill hanging out on the set of Supes' next trip to the silver screen.
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