After recently going off on an misinformed cameraman about America's broken school system, equating Sarah Palin's Vice Presidential run to a "really bad Disney movie" during the 2008 Presidential campaign, and outwardly expressing that he "no longer hope(s) for audacity" in light of Barack Obama's disappointing tenure as President (a President he once voted for), we think it's safe to say that Matt Damon has been doing a bang-up job of disproving his dumb-as-rocks puppet persona in 'Team America: World Police' as of late. Being that he seems more well-informed than most actual politicians about some of the heated topics facing the country, not only are we increasingly impressed by what's been coming out of Damon's mouth over the past few years, but so is controversial, Oscar-winning director Michael Moore.

In a recent interview with Firedoglake, Moore was asked about his thoughts on Damon's surprise turn as Hollywood's leading political pundit, and wouldn't you know it, Moore had nothing but praise for the guy. Love him or hate him, go ahead and check out what Moore had to say about Damon's chances in the world of politics.