You can't keep a good zombie killer down.

Alice, everybody's favorite slaughterer of the undead, will be returning to the big screen next year in the fifth episode of the franchise, which is titled 'Resident Evil: Retribution.' Much of this isn't news -- star Milla Jovovich tweeted that info last May. But now that Tweet has been confirmed by Bloody Disgusting.

Director (and Jovovich hubby) Paul W.S. Anderson will again write the film and take the helm, this time moving the action to Tokyo, where Alice will go to seek revenge on the evil Umbrella Corporation. And Sienna Guillory will be returning as Jill Valentine, although Bloody Disgusting says that they hear she will be recast. Ali Larter also is in line to return. Shooting will begin this October.

Though the films have come in for some hard knocks with critics and some horror-sci-fi fans, you can't knock success -- the series has taken in north of $700 million worldwide. Disclaimer: We've been a big fan from Day One.
Resident Evil: Retribution
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