The 'Final Destination' series crashes into theaters again this weekend for the fifth -- yes, count 'em -- time. In the newest shock-filled installment, another batch of well-moisturized twenty-somethings survive an elaborate mass disaster (this time, it's a bridge collapse) and spend the rest of the movie trying to outrun the clock as death methodically comes to collect. In these films, an attractive young person can cheat fate for only so long before landing on top of, getting caught under or being sucked into a heavy, sharp electrical appliance.

One face in 'Final Destination 5' is not like the others, however: that of comedian David Koechner, best known for his roles in 'Anchorman' and NBC's 'The Office.' Here, Koechner plays Dennis, a gruff boss who may or may not meet his end thanks to a hot tar leak.

Koechener spoke with Moviefone about his gore-filled second career as a horror star in 'Final Destination 5' and the upcoming 'Piranha 3D' sequel, and explained what it would take for 'Anchorman 2' to assemble on the big screen.
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