Security on the 'Dark Knight Rises' Pittsburgh set remains powerless to stop every yahoo with a camera from capturing every second of its outdoor shoot. That's the breaks when you film in public in this digital age.

So what does fan footage of 'Inception' star Joseph Gordon-Levitt sneaking around the Batmobile mean? We know he plays a Gotham cop named John Blake, but who knows whether he's working with or against Batman.

We love the element of surprise and the secrecy that usually cloaks every Christopher Nolan film, so we feel vaguely disloyal to be eating up every one of these photos and videos.

Of course, there's a whole lot of filming, editing and special effects that still need to happen, and all this shaky, amateur video really tells shows us is our first glimpse of Gordon-Levitt on the set.

Catch the video (with bystander commentary) after the jump.