30 minutes or less, jesse eisenberg

Pizza boys get no respect, huh? The latest long-suffering pizza boy to hit the big screen -- in this week's release '30 Minutes or Less' -- certainly isn't an exception. Jesse Eisenberg follows up his career-making turn as kid billionaire Mark Zuckerberg in 'The Social Network' with a role as a dirt-poor delivery guy named Nick who has to put up with constant flack about his job.

His sharp-tongued bestie/roomie Chet (the hilarious Aziz Ansari of 'Parks & Recreation') is particularly unforgiving about Nick's lack of career ambition. The fact that Chet and Nick are the same age and Chet just landed a full-time teaching gig really highlights Nick's stunted post-high school development.

But being a delivery guy isn't all bad. The pressure to deliver pies in 30 minutes or less has definitely helped Nick hone his stunt driving skills. He can deftly run red lights, squeak ahead of oncoming trains and dodge small children. His smooth skills behind the wheel come in super-handy when two buffoons (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson) strap a bomb across his chest and force him to rob a bank on their behalf.
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