Folks, we got something for everyone this week. An R-rated comedy that sounds a lot like a real-life tragedy, a horror movie where teens are doomed to die like crazy in gruesome ways you won't see coming, a tear-jerker led by an all-star female cast, and the best night out a Gleek's ever had.

Any way you cut it, the whole family's got an option at the theaters this week, so go ahead and check out which ones look best.
30 Minutes or Less Movie Poster
30 Minutes or Less
Based on 37 critics

Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) is a pizza deliverer who lives a fairly ordinary, boring life -- until he crosses... Read More

The Help Movie Poster
The Help
Based on 41 critics

In 1960s Mississippi, Southern society girl Skeeter (Emma Stone) returns from college with dreams of... Read More

Aarakshan Movie Poster
In Theaters on August 12, 2011

Dr Anand, a legendary principal, along with his disciples fights against the odds to abide by the Supreme... Read More

Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow Movie Poster
Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow
Based on 13 critics

German artist Anselm Kiefer uses unusual processes. Read More

Final Destination 5 Movie Poster
Final Destination 5
Based on 24 critics

During a bus ride with his colleagues to a corporate retreat, Sam (Nicholas D'Agosto) experiences a horrifying... Read More

Senna Movie Poster
Based on 30 critics

Ayrton Senna becomes a three-time Formula One racing champion and Brazil's national hero before his untimely... Read More