We've caught glimpses of Leonardo DiCaprio as FBI director J. Edgar Hoover from paparazzi photos, but the first official movie images from 'J. Edgar' have just been released to EW.

DiCaprio plays the notorious G-man who revolutionized crimefighting as the head of the bureau with then-cutting-edge forensics, but ended up a power-mad official who illegally tapped phones and threatened civil rights leaders.

What about those rumors that Hoover liked to cross-dress? Will we see Leo in drag? Director Clint Eastwood tells EW, "the movie leaves it open to interpretation." 'The Social Network's Armie Hammer (pictured with DiCpario in the above photo) plays associate FBI director Clyde Tolson, who was rumored to be Hoover's lover, but don't expect any love scenes between the two.

See more photos, and more about the movie, after the jump.

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