Judd Apatow: Director, writer, professional Twitter photographer. Yes, the man behind some of the best comedies in recent years has joined the long list of celebs who love tweeting images of themselves doing "normal people" stuff. However, Judds' stand out from the pack because they're actually hysterical (and, well, anything BUT normal).

Look! There's the guy who directed '40-Year-Old Virgin'! And he's stuffing a cupcake into his mouth! And there he is again! This time standing next to a pink dog! Of course, Apatow isn't the only famous funnyman to make an appearance on his Twitter feed. His photos include everyone from Jim Carrey to Jason Segel to Prince Harry (who, now that we think of it, isn't technically considered a "funnyman" -- unless you find the British monarchy hilarious).

We decided to go through Judd Apatow's Twitter photos (all 212 of them), and pick out the best of the best. We even provided the captions that he wrote with each one (therefore, all grammatical complaints should be sent directly to Judd himself).
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