Robert Redford
is moving fast forward on his adaptation of 'The Company You Keep,' a political action thriller that follows a former Weather Underground militant wanted by the FBI for 30 years who must go on the run when his true identity is exposed by a young, ambitious reporter hell-bent on making a name for himself. He's added Susan Sarandon,Julie Christie and Richard Jenkins to the cast that already includes himself (as the former radical) and Shia LaBeouf (as the hotshot journalist).

Sarandon and Christie will play former Weather Underground members and Jenkins will play a college professor who is a link to the former radicals in hiding. Nick Nolte and Brit Marling also star, though there's no word as to their characters.

The film, written by Lem Dobbs ('Haywire,' 'The Limey'), is based on a novel by Neil Gordon. Redford's Wildwood Enterprises and Voltage Pictures will produce. Filming begins in Vancouver in September, according to Deadline.
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