Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

It's time to start writing those petition letters to Universal, urging the studio: Please save us all, including moviegoers worldwide and Renée Zellweger's waistline, from a third 'Bridget Jones' movie.

You'd have thought, after the raspberries that greeted 2004's sequel 'Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason,' that they'd leave well enough alone. But no, that film earned $262 million worldwide (nearly as much as the $281 million earned by the initial film, 2001's 'Bridget Jones's Diary'), so the studio has been plotting for a couple years ago to make a third installment. Now, according to Entertainment Weekly's Inside Movies blog, they're going ahead with it. Brace yourselves for another round of a zaftig Zellweger being adorably inept and utterly incapable of choosing the right man, and another slap fight between Colin Firth and Hugh Grant.
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
Based on 37 critics

Bridget (Renée Zellweger) faces threats to her newfound happiness with Mark (Colin Firth). Read More

Bridget Jones's Diary
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An outrageous British woman (Renée Zellweger) falls for two men (Colin Firth, Hugh Grant). Read More