Because hockey movies have never gotten the epic treatment they deserve, Kevin Smith has confirmed via Twitter that his final effort as a writer/director, 'Hit Somebody,' is going to be split into two movies. After realizing that his script was getting too big to fit into one sitting and debating whether or not he should turn it into a mini-series of sorts on HBO, Smith has finally settled on the double bill for his follow-up to 'Red State.'

Based on the Warren Zevon song of the same name (which was written by Mitch Albom), 'Hit Somebody' is the story of a Canadian kid named Buddy McCracken who grows up with dreams of playing in the NHL even though the only thing he's good at on the ice is getting into fights. Sure sounds a lot like 'Slap Shot' told from the viewpoint of the Hanson brothers to us, but then again, that sounds pretty awesome.

'Hit Somebody' won't be hitting theaters until some time in 2012 and will star John Goodman, Alan Rickman, Melissa Leo, Stephen Root, and Nicholas Braun in the lead role as Buddy.

So what do you think of Smith's latest update on 'Hit Somebody?'
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