"Fellini ... Federico Fellini. I have always considered him a great artist."

According to Tom Shales' 'Live From New York,' this was the answer that Mike Myers gave after Brandon Tartikoff, then the head of Paramount, asked Myers whom he wanted to work with in exchange for agreeing to film 'Wayne's World 2.' And Myers was dead serious.

On Friday, it was reported that Myers has agreed to star in a fourth 'Austin Powers' film. Almost immediately, a somewhat unfair collective groan was heard across the Internet at the prospect of another 'Powers' film. As the above anecdote alludes, Myers is not your typical comedic talent and desperately wants to branch out. The problem for Myers: He really has no other choice right now except to do a fourth 'Powers' film. The good news: If he makes the right decisions, it's a great choice to have available.
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