'Fright Night'
opens this Friday, the latest entry in a genre which has been riding an enormous wave of popularity the past few years: the vampire movie. Fueled largely by such monster (sorry) hits as the 'Twilight' movies, the genre has also received fresh blood (sorry, again) from smaller, acclaimed flicks like 2010's 'Let Me In' and foreign contributions like 2009's 'Thirst,' not to mention TV's smash hit 'True Blood.' Things show no sign of slowing down either; this comprehensive list of vampire-themed projects from just the years 2009 through 2012 has over 80 entries (including TV series).

In 'Fright Night,' a remake of the 1985 hit starring Chris Sarandon and William Ragsdale, Colin Farrell steps in as the vampire-next-door to Anton Yelchin ('Star Trek'). Like Sarandon in the original, Farrell has more than just fangs at his disposal -- his magnetic sexuality proves just as effective a weapon in his pursuit of local ladies to seduce and feed on.

Regardless of where or when a vampire movie is set, nearly all of them take advantage of that oh-so-cinematic feature of blood-suckers: They're just so damn hot. Men and women alike, it doesn't matter -- if a vampire sets its sights on you, you have almost no choice but to submit. And with the likes of the stunningly seductive ladies and gentlemen in our gallery of the sexiest vampires in movies, we can see why their victims have such a hard time resisting.
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Fright Night
In Theaters on August 26, 2000

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Fright Night
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