If an 'Arrested Development' movie actually gets made, it will surely be the most avidly anticipated film adaptation of a cancelled TV series in entertainment history.

Series stars Jason Bateman, Jeffrey Tambor, and Will Arnett have all confirmed that creator Mitch Hurwitz is working on bringing his misunderstood (by Fox executives, at least) masterpiece to the big screen.

Then, this morning, Screenrant floated the latest plot rumor to surface. According to the site's unnamed source, the general outline would be as follows:

Ron Howard is making a movie about the Bluths using an A-List cast. But Dr. Tobias plays himself because nobody wants to play him in the movie. The Bluths decide to make their own movie in contention with Ron Howard's.

We checked in with Will Arnett (next appearing in this fall's NBC comedy 'Up All Night') over email, who declined to shoot down the rumor, precisely, but did give us more food for thought:
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