If you loved 'Juno' as much as we did back in 2007, then now is the time to start getting excited for director Jason Reitman's and screenwriter Diablo Cody's big screen reunion in the upcoming 'Young Adult.' Even though it's release date is only four months away, Reitman's been pretty tight-lipped about his fourth directorial effort and there haven't been many updates to report on since filming started, but it looks like all that might be changing now that we've got our first look at Charlize Theron in the leading role.

From what we've gathered, 'Young Adult' is about a teen lit author named Mavis Gary (Theron) who returns home to win back her high school sweetheart (Patrick Wilson) who's now married with kids. When things don't go as planned, Gary finds herself reconnecting with a old classmate (Patton Oswalt) who's still reveling in his high school days.

So go ahead and check out the first image of Theron's return to the acting world since 2009's 'The Road.'
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