'True Blood' true believers will no doubt find it challenging to accept Ryan Kwanten playing anyone other than the headstrong, oddly lovable if slightly dimwitted Jason Stackhouse. Especially if the role he's playing happens to be Stackhouse's polar opposite: introverted, nerdy and very, very Australian.

In 'Griff the Invisible' (opening Friday in limited release), Kwanten plays the title character, a shy loner who, at night, patrols his neighborhood dressed in tight spandex and looking for criminals to thwart. But is all this action really taking place in Griff's head? Is he a danger to himself?

Moviefone spoke to the Aussie native about his role in 'Griff'; his feelings toward the seminal Australian movie, 'Crocodile Dundee'; and his take on the absurd fourth season of 'True Blood.'
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